Shirley’s Microbob experience

Shirley is a young lady, who wants to cut her hair short, and ask Winnie for advice. So she take her to Short N Chic chair to meet the clippers!



This amazing video contains everything: a great shampooing session, scissors cutting, and great clippers action, as well as straight razor shave and dusting. Shirley goes from almost shoulder length, to a severe and classic short bob with bangs. Then she gets trimmed again for the ultimate version of the microbob. If you like short bobs with shaved napes, this is a must have.

Technical specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Length: 42:30
Type: Medium length to severe classic microbob with shaved nape and bangs
Camera: 2 cameras action following
Models: Shirley and Winnie
Location: Maekba hair salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: dyed blonde hair
Content: A wonderful experience of the classic mid ear short bob with shaved nape and sides
Additional Info: If you like short bobs with shaved nape, then you definitely need to watch this. Shirley goes from being just a regular girl, to a beautiful classy lady with a wonderful cut. Dusting included.

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