Margot’s first Microbob Experience

Margot is a beautiful high school teacher who never wore a short haircut before, and never felt the clippers on her nape. We changed that by giving her a high shaved Microbob!


Margot has been a High School teacher for a long time, and always wore her red hair long. Now, she wanted a change, so we encourage her to go as short as possible, and she decided to get a Microbob with a 360 degree high shaved undercut.
She’s very submissive to the clippers as they reveal a beautiful and elegant nape, that ends up totally exposed due to a high shaved undercut. Tons of clipper action and an amazing transformation!!


Technical specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Length: 49:16
Type: Long to Microbob with high shaved undercut and bangs
Camera: Dynamic Following
Models: Margot
Location: Maekba hair salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Red hair
Content: A beautiful Red haired teacher gets her first short haircut, a beautiful middle ear microbob with a 360° high shaved undercut
Additional Info: She’s really submissive and cooperative during the whole haircut, while the clippers exposes a beautiful and elegant nape. One of those amazing haircuts that you’ll be watching over and over again!! Dusting included

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