Irene decided to go Microbobed.  And she also convinced her good friend Cecilia!

Two amazing microbobs with shaved napes!!

Luli Goes To The Chair!!

Luli has been working with us as our new hostess, by introducing models and dusting the ladies’ freshly shaved napes, and today, she’s next! She goes to the chair with energy and confidence, and she first gets a bowl haircut with clippered nape and sides, and she looks so good, that she goes all the way to a fantastic high-shaved pixie fade. An Epic haircut!


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Our story

Short N Chic was born to cover a need. The need to give greater visibility and add value to the different haircuts, hairstyles and avant-garde styles. Traditionally, a stereotype of a woman with long hair is expected, this being the predominant trend. We are not at all against this, but at Short N Chic we believe in change as a factor of liberation and personal reaffirmation, as well as a form of individual expression, not only to stand out from the prevailing trend, but also to motivate the change and the liberation of monotonous aesthetic paradigms. As we say, “Hair always grows back”.

Our mission is to explore cutting-edge styles, both in cuts and hairstyles, as well as in colors and products, to help drive bold trends, as well as innovation, for the sake of greater aesthetic creativity. Both professionals in the sector and end customers will find in Short N Chic a platform from which they can show the world their creations, with the support of a community open to change, and free from prejudice of any kind.

The vision of Short N Chic is that “Hair always grows back”, so we like to think that we motivate people to try new styles, to change radically, since as Coco Chanel said: “A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life. The liberating effect of a change in style is a fact witnessed by many, many women around the world, being a trigger for more significant changes in their lives, as well as something that in our opinion, everyone should try at least once in their life.

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