Comeback Combo Pack Sopphie & Margot Haircuts


Sopphie is a young beautiful girl who loves to experiment with her hair. She’s wearing a nice mullet with shaved sides, but now she wants to try something different. So first we gave her a bowl cut, fringe length and after that, a very short faded pixie! Ready for summer!!


Margot is a beautiful high school teacher who never wore a short haircut before, and never felt the clippers on her nape. We changed that by giving her a high shaved Microbob!


Each time we see a mullet, we feel the urgency to make something like this! Sopphie is a beautiful girl, and she decided to go all the way very, very short! First, we get rid of all that hair from the mullet, with lots of clippers action, giving her a nice bowl. But that doesn’t last for too long, because she goes all the way to an awesome faded pixie, exposing her beautiful nape, and she loves it!!
Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Length: 49:29
Type: Long mullet to bowl cut and then to shaved pixie
Camera: Dynamic Following
Model: Sopphie
Location: Maekba Salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Black hair
Content: A beautiful young girl goes all the way to an ultra short and shaved pixie
Additional info: This young beauty really appreciate vanguard hairstyles, and she loves her new ultra short cut. The video shows a first person experience of this wonderful haircut, where you are going to watch how a mullet goes shorter and shorter under the clippers, to expose her beautiful face and nape. Dusting included
Margot has been a High School teacher for a long time, and always wore her red hair long. Now, she wanted a change, so we encourage her to go as short as possible, and she decided to get a Microbob with a 360 degree high shaved undercut.
She’s very submissive to the clippers as they reveal a beautiful and elegant nape, that ends up totally exposed due to a high shaved undercut. Tons of clipper action and an amazing transformation!!

Technical specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD Length: 49:16 Type: Long to Microbob with high shaved undercut and bangs Camera: Dynamic Following Models: Margot Location: Maekba hair salon, Barcelona Production: European Hair: Red hair Content: A beautiful Red haired teacher gets her first short haircut, a beautiful middle ear microbob with a 360° high shaved undercut Additional Info: She’s really submissive and cooperative during the whole haircut, while the clippers exposes a beautiful and elegant nape. One of those amazing haircuts that you’ll be watching over and over again!! Dusting included

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