Laura’s Classic Bowl haircut with high shaved nape

We start the new season with a true classic: A bowl haircut with high shaved nape! Watch Laura getting this atemporal severe bowlcut, exposing her beautiful nape and facial features! You’re gonna love it!



New season new haircut! For the inauguration of season 3, our dear Laura decided to get a haircut she always wanted: a classic severe bowlcut with high shaved nape!

She goes to the chair, bow her head down and truly enjoy the clippers running through her nape.
There was this boy who have kind of a crush on her and said that he would try to stop her from cutting her hair again, but oh boy! He been late, and for the time he arrives, all was done, and he just can behold her magnificent shaved nape getting dusted!
She really likes her new haircut, and her shaved nape is a great omen for all the wonderful haircuts that you will enjoy trough this season!

Technical specifications:

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Length: 36:57
Type: Grown pixie to classic bowl haircut with high shaved nape
Camera: Dynamic following
Model: Laura
Location: Maekba hair salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Light brown hair
Content: A classic bowl haircut, performed on a beautiful nape, exposing it fully, with atemporal defined shapes
Additional Info: Right to the point. Clippers start running as soon as she gets caped, and the action continue with machine precision, shaping a wonderful haircut, until the fabulous final shave. Dusting included

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