Laia Shaves Her Nape and Reshaves Paula

Laia gets a short bob with clippered nape, and then makes Paula to get reshaved. Two beautiful napes getting clippered and the girls having fun at the salon.


Laia is a beautiful young student and babysitter, and wants a change on her hair. She hasn’t been buzzed before and she was a bit nervous about the clippers. But Paula managed to ease her and Laia finally accept it, she sits on the chair, bow down her head and surrender her nape to the clippers. And while getting dusted, she discovers that she loves it!
After her hair is done, she ask Paula to get reshaved, Laia’s sweet revenge. Laia loves to play with baby powder, she says that she loves how it smells and the soft and smooth feeling. This is an awesome conversion history, where she starts very nervous but at the end she’s very happy and having a lot of fun with her fresh clippered nape, which she really enjoyed.

Technical Specifications:

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Lenght: 00:39:15
Type: Medium length to A-line short bob with clippered nape And Paula’s getting buzzed and reshaved
Camera: Dynamic action following
Model: Laia and Paula
Location: Maekba Hair salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Blonde red hair and black buzzed hair
Content: Laia is nervous about getting clippered, but after getting dusted she starts enjoying the experience. She asks Paula to sit on the chair and getting clippered too. The two girls get along very good and they enjoy playing with baby powder after getting their napes clippered.
Additional Info: A great 2×1 where we see how a girl who is afraid of the clippers ends up getting very into shaved napes and dusting. An amazing story of a true conversion, where she cames nervous and walks out proud of her shaved nape. Dusting included. English subtitles.

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