Laura’s Amazing Fade

One of our best videos, a symphony of clippers and scissors. Watch this blonde beauty getting faded, as she pleases. She’s a true short hair enthusiast, and you can tell how much she enjoys her experience. Start with a bowl, and end up totally faded. A must-have!



Laura is a young and beautiful girl who has been experimenting with her hair over the years, and the other day she saw a girl on her dance group, who was wearing a very short shaved fade. She talked to her interested about where did she get her haircut. That girl was Esther, one of our Short N Chic girls!

Laura came to the right place, decided to go all the way to her dreamed severely shaved fade.
You will see this blonde beauty getting a bowl cut first, with a very short clippered nape, and then, she goes to a faded pixie that it’s absolutely sublime!
More than an hour of great clipper action, Laura explaining her thoughts on short hair in perfect English, and the exposure of a gorgeous nape and an amazing haircut experience!

Technical Specifications:

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Lenght: 1:08:24
Type: Blonde bleached medium length to bowl-cut with clippered nape and then to severely faded pixie
Camera: Dynamic following action
Model: Laura and Paula
Location: Maekba Hair Salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Bleached platinum blonde medium length
Content: A girl rediscover her passion for very short haircuts. She likes it, looks great and she rocks!
Additional Info: A beautiful long and elegant neck gets exposed as the makeover progress, and reaches its total splendor with a final fade, giving to this young woman a look of self-confidence and great aesthetic taste. She looks awesome and definitely, got style! Dusting included. English speaking.

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