Michelle gets Smooth Shaved!!!

Michelle gets a smooth-shaven Pixie!!

Michelle wanted a change, a radical change, and sure she got one! From long wavy hair to Bob, Microbob and a Pixie with a glorious totally skin smooth shaved undercut!



Michelle gets her nape smooth shaved!!

Michelle is a beautiful young lady who has been thinking about getting a change. A radical change. She started with her clothing, changing from dark and gray colors to more vibrant outfits. She also decided to cut her hair short and there we were to Help! She starts with very long black hair, and first, we cut it off shoulder length. Then, she gets a bob with buzzed nape, then a microbob with exposed severely clippered nape, and finally she gets a pixie with a smooth razor-shaved undercut! And the final result it’s fantastic!! She got totally converted into a Short and Chic girl, and she loved it!

Technical specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD

Length: 1 Hour 08 minutes. 3,45 GB

Type: Long black hair waist length to shoulder length, to bob with buzzed nape, then to Microbob with severe clippered undercut, and after that, Pixie fade with razor smooth shaved undercut

Camera: Dynamic Following

Model: Michelle

Location: Maekba Salon, Barcelona

Production: European

Hair: Long wavy black hair

Content: Our beautiful Michelle gets a radical change and goes totally converted into a Short N Chic girl. And she loves it! This Video includes Previus intro sequence, Shampooing, Long to shoulder, shoulder to bob, bob to Microbob, Microbob to pixie with smooth shaved undercut, Plus after-cut modeling of each cut and dusting, final cut modeling and photoshoot. 

Additional Info: You’re going to enjoy this journey of self-discovery, where Michelle gets a very short outfit and an even shorter haircut! The scissors and the clippers work tiredly revealing an exquisite nape, that was claiming to get smooth shaved! This is one of those great videos that you just can’t miss! Shampoo and Dusting included



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