Sopphie’s shaved pixie

Sopphie is a young beautiful girl who loves to experiment with her hair. She’s wearing a nice mullet with shaved sides, but now she wants to try something different. So first we gave her a bowl cut, fringe length and after that, a very short faded pixie! Ready for summer!!

More info

Maria is a brave woman who, inspired by Ruth, another of our models, insisted to go short as well.

She gets an A-line short bob with shaved fade nape, and she looks outstanding! A fast but intense cut with clippers action and another happy model who fulfil her dream of getting a very short haircut!

Technical Specifications:

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Lenght: 31:38
Type: Dyed orange blond medium length to A-line short bob with shaved fade nape
Camera: Dynamic following action
Model: Maria
Location: Maekba Hair Salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Dyed orange blonde medium length
Content: A brave woman who wanted to get a very short haircut for her first time

Additional Info: Maria demonstrate that is never too late to experiment with your hair, and inspired by Ruth, another of our models, she get the courage to sit on the chair and feel the clippers running through her nape for the first time. A trilling experience as she goes shorter and shorter as her daughter watched the process. Maybe she could be next? Dusting included.