Winnie goes back to the chair!! Double shave plus especial bonus napeshave!


Winnie meets her old friend, Mei, and both go to the chair, plus a special bonus nape shave!

Winnie takes her friend Mei to the barbershop, but once there, Mei convinces Winnie to sit on the chair as well! How short will she dare? After that, our beautiful Italian barbette, Stephanie, joins the club and shaves her nape too! This is the joy of 3 beautiful shaved napes!



Winnie takes her friend Mei to the barbershop, and once there, Mei convinces her to sit on the chair as well!! Plus, a special bonus nape shave is included!

Winnie meets her friend Mei to catch up and have a cup of coffee, but as long as Winnie is one of us, she takes her friend to the barbershop to submit her to the clippers, and she does it successfully!
But once there, Mei convinces Winnie to sit on the chair and to bow down her head to the clippers as well! It was a long time since the last haircut of Winnie, so you will see a big chop of her hair being cutted off before her nape shaving. And we also included a special bonus, where our beautiful Italian barbette, Stephanie, shaves her own nape as well! And it’s gorgeous! You can’t miss these three beautiful shaved napes party!

Technical specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD

Length: 1 Hour 16 minutes. 4,16 GB

Type: Three beautiful girls, bolnde, dark blonde and a brunnette gets their napes shaved and two of hem gets bobbed, A-line and straight bobs

Camera: Dynamic Following

Models: Winnie, Mei and Stephannie

Location: k-Studio, Barcelona, Spain

Production: European

Hair: Blonde, straight dark blonde and brunette

Content: Intro, shampooing of Mei, and enjoy two wonderful haircuts with tons of clipper action and three beautiful shaved and dusted napes

Additional Info: You will have tons of fun watching the spontaneity of these beautiful girls interacting while shaving their napes and cutting their hair, just like if you were there, enjoying great quality video, and looking how the hair falls to the floor while the clippers and shavers run trough their elegant and napes, and they love it! Dusting included


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