Winnie gets a total Reshave!

Winnie came back for more, and she gets a totally shaved nape undercut, and dares to go a bit shorter!



Our dear coworker Winnie decided that she loves her undercut, so she goes back with Laura to get her nape totally shaved an dusted. This is an amazing video, very immersive, and truly enjoyable, a must have, with this beautiful girl exploring her short hair enthusiasm. They take their time, while chatting, and unveiling a beautiful and elegant nape. She also goes shorter on her bob. An amazing experience!

Technical specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Length: 44:00
Type: Medium bob to a shorter version with straight razor shaved nape
Camera: 2 cameras action following
Models: Winnie and Laura
Location: Maekba hair salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Light brown hair
Content: A true jewel, Winnie gets a severe reshave, while having a great time with her coworker
Additional Info: A great film where you will enjoy a relaxing and exciting session. Winnie have an elegant nape and it’s great to see her getting totally shaved, exposing her beautiful neck. Dusting included

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