We went crazy!! Victoria’s Glory, Premium Product Edition

Victoria came back for more. She wanted a reshave…And she got it!


Victoria came back for more. Her hair has grown up and she wanted a reshave…And she got it! She gets an ultra-short faded pixie with totally shaved sides and nape.
You will get a very close experience, with shampooing, lots of clippers action, and straight razor shave. And she looks amazing!
This was the unexpected beginning of another two haircut histories, “Next Door girls” when this young regular girls came in for a change, and watching Victorias getting done, inspired them to go shorter than ever. It’s truly inspiring to watch how much she enjoys her haircut and shave.

Technical Specifications:

Quality: Full HD 1920×1080
Length: 29:00″
Type: Short to razor shaved fade pixie
Camera: Two, first-person  frontal and dynamic cam
Model: Victoria
Barber/Stylist: Female
Location: Salón Ángeles, Madrid, Spain
Production: European
Hair: Brown dark hair
Content: Shampooing, cutting with clippers, scissors over comb and straight razor shave, from short, to very short pixie with totally shaved nape and sides
Additional info: She’s one of us now. She loved her short style and wanted to keep it short, by going even shorter. Great acting scenes, watch her laugh and truly enjoy the experience. Dusting included.

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