Victoria Pack(Long to Bob + Short Bob to Shaved Fade Pixie)

A wonderful video history of a girl who went just for a trim, but gets convinced to get a short bob with clippered nape, and then, from there, to a beautifully faded pixie with a totally shaved nape.
Pack Included:
  • Victoria Long to Bob. Time: 00:44.54
  • Victoria Short Bob to Shaved Fade Pixie. Time 00:43:44


Get the full pack of Victoria, who originally went just for a trim, but once there, she gets convinced by another girl to cut her hair way shorter, in order to feel the change, and to express herself, breaking the traditional beauty standards, and having the courage to express her feminity through an amazing journey of hair transformation and self-discovery. Spoiler Alert: She loves it, and sure you will, too…
Special features:
– English subtitles of the main dialogs.
-Following Action Camera, covering all the cutting, clipping, and shaving, like if you were there.
-Watch the girls interactions in first person and enjoy it like if you were part of this history
Technical specifications: Quality: Full HD 1920×1080 60fps
Length:  44:54 + 43:51 Minutes
Type: Long to middle ear Short bob with severe clippered nape, and then,  to faded pixie with razor-shaved temple and nape.
Camera: Action following
Model: Victoria
Barber/Stylist: Female
Location: Eva Pavón Hairdressing Academy, Madrid, Spain
Production: European
Hair: Dark Brown Hair
Content: Two complete videos, Video 1: Long to middle ear Short bob with bangs and clippered nape, and then, Video 2, From Bob to faded pixie, with razor-shaved sides and nape
Additional info: A brave girl, who originally just wanted a tips trim, goes all the way to a faded pixie! Dusting included.

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