Scissors Sisters Double Pack!!

Two amazing videos of Amy taking care and Control

Amy first meets Luz at the grocery store. They get along very well by talking about their enthusiasm for very short and shaved haircuts. Amy said that she would love to shave Luz’s undercut, as long as she’s a professional hairdresser. They go to Luz’s place, and she has something else in mind because they are getting Crazy N Sexy

They’re sending her to the Academy too

Mary is a gorgeous and very intelligent 20-year-old ladie with some discipline issues. She’s going to the Academy, but first, we must take care of her mandatory haircut, and Amy came to take care of it.



Amy goes Crazy N Sexy!

Amy went to the grocery store. And Luz was there. Amy felt immediately attracted by her short haircut. They talked and decided to go to Luz’s place so Amy could shave her undercut. She loves to do that. And she also loved the Crazy and Sexy games Luz was having in mind… 

Mary gets her strict haircut for the Academy

Mary is a gorgeous 20-year-old lady who has had some disciplinary issues lately, and they are sending her to be disciplined and to correct herself. She knew about the mandatory short hair rules of the Academy and thought that a regular short haircut would be fine. She was wrong, it wasn’t short enough. Shaved nape and sides are mandatory for the Academy. So Amy, an accomplished hairdresser who already worked with us, understood Maria’s situation and went to solve this at her home. Amy is another beauty and watching her work by shaving Maria’s undercut and cutting her hair short is a blessing. 


Technical specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Length: Amy and Luz: 30:24. 1.95 GB  Mary and Amy: 50:49. 3.35GB

Type: Pixie fades with totally shaved napes and side undercuts
Camera: Dynamic Following
Models: Amy, Luz and Mary
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Production: European
Hair: Black and dark brown hair
Content: Two magnificent videos, one and a half hour of pure haircut pleassure. In the first, Amy reshaves Luz undercut while dressing-up especial outfits, and then they go to bed, Crazy N Sexy style. In the other video, Presentation of both girls, makeup magic, tons of clipper action, scissors cutting, cream and straight razor shave, dusting, finished haircut modeling, and a great photoshoot gallery included in both videos.
Additional Info: Here you have two homemade videos that demonstarte that you don’t need a fancy salon to produce amazing makeovers and tons of satisfaction. Amy and Luz is an oustanding video that will give you a lot of joy by the shaving of Luz’s undercut and the dress-up play they do during the haircut and when they go to bed together. And of course it makes it more appealing for when you watch Mary’s Academy haircut.

Mary is an absolutely gorgeous, smart, and very intelligent young lady, but she desperately needs to be disciplined so she can shine in all of her splendor. The Academy methods are very effective. In this video, you can notice how the clippers and shaving, along with the talcum powder, change a rebel girl who didn’t show any interest in anything, into an elegant lady who learns to bow down her head to get her nape shaved and not only submits to it but even enjoys the sweet smell and the soft feeling of the talcum powder on her freshly shaved nape, becoming nicer and gentler. Amy plays a major role, not only by shaving her, but by being cold and dominant in some moments, and lovely and a big sister when needed. This session is worth it. 


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