Scarlett long to bob

Scarlett wanted a change on her hair…and she got it!



Scarlett is a posh girl who wants a change on her life. She decided that a haircut could be a good start. She got convinced by Amanda White to go shorter…way shorter, and feel the clippers running trough her nape. And yes, she loved it!!

Technic specifications:
Quality: Full Hd 1080
Lenght: 29 minutes
Type: Long to short bob with clippered nape
Camera: Action following
Model: Scarlett, the posh girl
Barber/Stylist: Female, Eva
Location: Eva Pavon Hairdresser Academy, Madrid, Spain
Production: European
Hair: Red hair
Content: Long to short bob with clippered nape, for the short hair enthusiast
Views: Long to short bob with clippered nape,following the cutting action, comb over clippers technique
Aditional Info: English subtitles. If you like a short bob being done, you will love this. Dusting included.

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