Scarlett, Director’s Cut

This is a new edition of Scarlett’s haircuts, it’s not video 1  and two, nope. It’s a different edition, with unseen scenes and shots, different angles, so it’s like a different way of view this makeover. English Subtitles included!


This long edition shows different angles and new footage that has never been shown before. We go with Scarlett through her journey of self-discovery, by going from a regular shoulder-length red hair, to a short bob with clippered nape, and then, she decides to go all the way for a very short fade pixie with shaved sides and nape, and she looks gorgeous! In this special edition, you will have more length, a deeper immersive experience, with angles, sides, and shoots that weren’t released before, getting a full experience of this wonderful makeover.  What will her posh family have to say when they see her with such a shaved nape? It doesn’t matter, because she’s absolutely happy with it!!

Technical Specifications:

Quality: 872 × 480
Length: 1 hour and 33 minutes.
Type: Shoulder length to short Bob, and then, to faded pixie with straight razor shaved sides and nape
Camera: Dynamic action following and side still camera
Model: Scarlett
Barber/Stylist: Female
Location: Eva Pavón hairdressing academy, Madrid, Spain
Production: European
Hair: Red hair
Content: Shoulder length to Short bob, and then to faded pixie, with shaved sides and nape
Subtitles: English
Additional info: A posh girl looking for a new style for her rebel new her, she’s a bit nervous at the beginning, but soon she gets confidence and goes all the way to a faded pixie!
Dusting included

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