Sarah’s Fade Experience (2×1 Videos)

Sarah is a young mom, and now that her daughter is not a baby anymore, Sarah decided to restart her life, and what better way to do that than with a good haircut?


She was a bit nervous at the beginning because she had never worn short hair before. But she was confident about getting a short bob. She got a beautiful short bob with clippered nape, and right there, she decided that she wanted to go even shorter, to a pixie. She was enjoying it so much, that she jumped to the chair again to keep it going! Her father wasn’t that happy, but all he could do was to watch how she was getting converted. Into an attractive short hair girl, and she really loves it! Especially, because we discover a very fine and beautiful nape. Maybe one of the most beautiful napes we’ve ever seen. So she loves how it looks her neck and her shaved nape. And now, this young mom starts a new chapter in her life!

Technical Specifications:

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Lenght: 01:22:02
Type: Shoulder length to short bob, short bob to shaved fade pixie
Camera: Dynamic
Model: Sarah
Location: Maeba Hair salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Dark Brown hair
Content: A young Mom decides to restart a new chapter on her life by getting a haircut. The original idea was a short bob, which was already too much for her father, but after getting bobed, she decides that she want to go all the way for a razor-shaved fade pixie! And she loves it!
Additional Info: A remarkable 2×1. You’re going to get great content while discovering the hidden treasure of a wonderful nape. Dusted included.

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