Ruth gets a Microbob and a pixie fade

Ruth is a beautiful model who decided to become a Short N Chic girl! First we gave her a microbob with buzzed nape, then, we go all the way to a high shaved pixie fade, and the result is fantastic! An hour and a half filled with clipper action and advanced haircut techniques!


Ruth is an accomplished model, and she was interested in Short N Chic because she liked short hair, but there weren’t many options for this subject in the fashion industry. So she came to Short N Chic in search of her true desired image, and we were more than happy to work with such a professional lady! She gets introduced by Luli, our new conductor and we went back to our origins, to Madrid, where all this started! Ruth is very calm and easygoing, a delight to work with her!
First, we have the shampooing session, followed by her sitting in the chair and getting a mid-ear Microbob with bangs and a buzzed nape. She felt excited, as she tells to Luli, so we go all the way to our favorite high-shaved pixie, with back and sides soft and smooth. A great result, she looks awesome, and she loves it!

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