New Amanda White Experience! From long to A-line, to Microbob and then to faded pixie!

We have a new model who is so amazing that has developed the Spirit of Amanda White! She’s very sexy and appealing, this is probably the best production we’ve made this far! Available in exclusive here, this won’t be on YouTube!


Luz is a very good friend of our dear Winnie, who convinced her to go short as a crucial step on her own self-knowledge process. She gets very interested in cutting her hair short, and suddenly, she experience a major transformation! Both she and Winnie goes to the hair salon, where they turned to their sexy side. They have an amazing chemistry on camera, and Luz got the feeling so well, that she even become the new Amanda White. So she starts with an V shape undercut, followed by a stunning A-line bob, with her buzzed undercut exposing her lovely nape. After this, she goes to a microbob, showing this classic haircut in all it’s Glory! But she wanted to go even shorter! So she gets an amazing faded pixie, with high shaved undercut, and voila! We have a wonderful Amanda White in all her splendor! We took our time, it’s like an hour and a half showing every step of the haircut in all detail. Probably our best production this far, with wonderful angles, and great extra material. This won’t be on YouTube! Available in exclusive over here!!


Technical specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Length: 1:31:22
Type: From long to V undercut, to A-line short bob, then to classic middle ear microbob, and after that, to short faded pixie with high shaved nape.
Camera: Dynamic Following
Models: Winnie and Luz
Location: Maekba Hair Salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Black hair
Content: The whole experience of Luz becoming Amanda White, by going shorter and shorter! An amazing transformation on a fantastic model!
Additional info: Not everyday we can work with such talented models. Our new Amanda White breaks all the previous standards and take us into a deep and soft magical travel, exploring the will of going shorter and shorter, while she enjoys it a lot, even when this was her first short haircut. This video won’t be on YouTube. It’s a complete Short N Chic exclusive, and definitely a must have in your collection! Dusting included.

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