Mandatory Haircut for School

Two Schoolgirls get their Mandatory Haircuts.

Patricia and Cami are joining the Academy, and the Mandatory haircut rules are very strict and severe. So they submitted themselves and went to the barber chair to bow down their heads for the clippers to comply



Two schoolgirls get their strict haircuts for the Academy

Cami and Patricia are two young schoolgirls who are joining the Academy. In the Academy, they have very strict discipline rules and severe haircut ordinances. They went to their local salon to get their haircuts, but it wasn’t short enough. So we gave them their proper mandatory haircuts, with severe clipping and shaving, exposing their napes and sides clean and now, they’re ready for school! 

Technical specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD

Length: 1 Hour 26 minutes 16 seconds. 3,14 GB

Type: Two girls, one with a bob and the other with grown short hair, gets  propper fades with totally shaved napes and sides, to comply with the Academy Mandatory Haircuts

Camera: Dynamic Following

Models: Patricia and Cami

Location: Eva Pavon Hairdresser Academy, and Parce Barbershop, Madrid, Spain

Production: European

Hair: Brown hair and green-dyed hair

Content: Two girls, and amazing haircuts! They go very short, with clippered napes and sides, and then we go even further with totally shaved undercuts and strict mandatory haircuts for both girls. 

Additional Info: These two ladies are joining the Academy to get some discipline, and the first step is to get their Mandatory haircuts done. The Academy is very strict about its dressing and haircut code, so we made sure to give them very clean and short haircuts, pixie fade, and bowl cuts with totally shaved napes and sides undercuts. They were so happy with the results that they even sent them back for their reshaves, which are included and yes, they were even shorter!


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