Mandatory Haircut Day

Mandatory Haircut Day:
It’s Mandatory Haircut Day in Short N Chic, so Winnie and Amanda goes to cut off thier hair and to get their napes shaved!


Mandatory Haircut Day
Summer it’s almost over, and in Short N Chic we like to come back to work with  proper shaved napes!
Winnie and Amanda goes to get their haircuts done, while having fun and enjoying as always to they always do. Winnie, this time you’re going to the chair too! Tons of clippers action, shaving and fun with this two amazing and beautiful girls!
Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Length:  48:23min
Type: Nape shaving/ pixie reshave and undercut bob
Camera: Dynamic Following
Models: Amanda White and Winnie
Location:Maekba Hair Salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Wavy short black hair, and plain copper blonde hair
Content: On Mandatory haircut day, the girls should go to sit on the chair. And they just love it! Amanda and Winnie go all happy to get shaved and trimmed.
Additional Info: You’re gonna love this video! The girls are great Tons of clippers action and shaved napes! An intimate video of our day-by-day in SHort N Chic. Dusting included. They really love it!

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