Luli goes to the chair! Bowl haircut and high shaved pixie fade!!

Our new hostess, Luli, has seen several shaved napes, and  today it is her time to go to the chair! First, she get’s a beautiful bowl haircut, and then, she goes all the way to a high-shaved pixie fade!


Luli’s a 23 years old very talented Argentinian actress, who has been working with us as a hostess, introducing the models and dusting the ladies’ freshly shaved napes, and today, she’s next to sit in the chair and bows down to the clippers! First, she get’s a beautiful bowl haircut, getting rid of all that long hair and showing a clippered nape and sides, and after that, she goes all the way to a fantastic high-shaved pixie fade, that shows her nape and temples at her full splendor!

Technical Specifications
  • Quality: 1920×1080 HD
  • Length: 1:41:26 / One hour and forty one
  • Type: From long to bowl haircut with shaved nape and sides and then to high shaved pixie fade
  • Camera: Dynamic Following
  • Models: Luli
  • Location: Malasaña, Madrid
  • Production: European
  • Hair: Long dark brown hair
  • Content: Luli is very energetic and it’s a complete pleasure to watch her going this short. The way to the bowl is fantastic, and when we continue to the fade, is a complete delight. If you like tons of clipper action and shavers, you’re going to love this!  Dusting included

Some dialogs and audio portions have been removed and or modified to comply with the European Privacy Policy. This does’nt affect the overall watching experience.

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