Jessi’s hair is very long! What about a bob…and a Microbob

Jessi’s first short haircut! From very long hair, she gets a classic bob, A-line style, and from there, she goes to a classic flapper Microbob, To the mid ear, with bangs/fringe and a beautiful clippered nape!


Jeesi had very long hair and decided that she wanted a change. She came to the right place! Starting from her waist-long hair, and big chops go falling to create a very classy and sophisticated A-Line Bob, and after that, a beautiful nape gets totally exposed as we advance to a flapper style Microbob, to her middle ear and with bangs/fringe and a wonderful clippered nape. Includes a photo session where you can appreciate this amazing transformation in all its splendor

Technical Specifications
  • Quality: 1920×1080 HD
  • Length: 1:21:18 /One hour twenty-one minutes
  • Type: From very long to A-line and then to Microbob with bangs/fringe and clippered nape
  • Camera: Dynamic Following
  • Model: Jessi
  • Location: Lavapiés, Madrid
  • Production: European
  • Hair: Very long dark-brown wavy hair
  • Content: An amazing transformation, starting with very long hair, waist length, and exploring classic bob haircuts, getting a classy A-Line Bob and then a wonderful Microbob. If you like classic bob haircuts you can’t miss this one!

Some dialogs and audio portions have been removed and or modified to comply with the European Privacy Policy. This doesn’t affect the overall watching experience.

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