Irene and Cecilia gets Microbobed!!

Two girls go on vacations! Everything can happen! So, Irene decided that it’s time to get microbobed with shaved nape. And she convince her good friend Cecilia too!


This is a fresh, out-of-the-ordinary video. And in this video, you will get transported with them, and how they use their freedom to cut off their hair short. Very short!
They are so beautiful that it’s even weird. But then you see that Irene, she’s one of us. And here, she submits to the Clippers for the first time. And she brought a friend…

Technical Specifications
    • Quality: 1920×1080 HD
    • Length: 01:12
    • Size: 2,12 GB
    • Type: Two lovely Microbobs with fringe and clippered napes.
    • Camera: Dynamic Following
    • Models: Irene and Cecilia
    • Location: Somewhere in Spain
    • Production: European
    • Hair: Wavy black hair and plain red hair
    • Content: During their vacations in summertime, Irene decides that it’s time for a haircut. A major one! So she convinced Cecilia to get microbobed too!
    • Additional Info: Content: Two amazing haircuts, two beautiful girls, of course is a must-have!! Don’t hesitate and get it, because is one of those great purchases.
      Seriously. Just the “after” session with them really worth it!!
      Dusting included

Some dialogs and audio portions have been removed and or modified to comply with the European Privacy Policy. This doesn’t affect the overall watching experience.

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