Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Amanda decided to get a reshave…and this time she decides to celebrate it by wearing her favorite lingerie!


Amanda is obsessed with her discovery about short hair. She’s always reshaving her undercut and trying to keep it clean and shaved. And each time she did a reshave, she felt amazing and free. So she decided to combine it with her modeling experience, including boudoir and lingerie. And now, she feels and expresses herself liberated, just letting it flow and enjoying the feeling.
Quality: 1920 x 1080 HD
Type Undercut reshave at barbershop and sensual modeling
Camera: Dynamic Following
Models: Amanda White and Vanessa
Production: European
Content: Amanda feels very sexy after she reshaves her undercut, and decided to model on her white lingerie to celebrate such a freedom feeling
Additional Info: She wanted to express herself and share the sexiness she was experiencing, which she does magnificently. Have a date starting in the barbershop and then a sexy modeling session, a wonderful experience!

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