Especial Production! @Piluca_ro and Short N Chic! Microbob and high shaved pixie fade!

We went to work alongside a living legend: @Piluca_ro, who performs two high-level haircuts on our beautiful Valentina, where she gets a classic of the house: A totally shaved microbob, and then a really high shaved pixie fade, the real thing!



Short N Chic went to the top of Madrid’s haircutting scene, to make this powerful and classy video, just like @Piluca_ro, our hairdresser on this wonderful production, who show us a true masterclass on hairdressing, demonstrating a complete mastery of the clippers.
It’s absolutely delightful to watch her work on our beautiful Valentina, who gets a perfect and classic Microbob, with totally shaved nape and sides, and then she goes all the way to a very severe high shaved pixie fade. An outstanding experience, and a landmark that completely worth it!

Technical Specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Length: 1:17:44
Type: From shoulders length to microbob, and then to high shaved pixie fade
Camera: Dynamic following
Model: Valentina and Pilar
Location: Peluquería Debut, Las Rozas, Madrid
Production: European
Hair: Brown reddish hair
Content: On this Especial Production, Short N Chic joined forces with the Instagram Queen, and most importantly, very talented and skillful hairdresser: @Piluca_ro, who performs two wonderful haircuts on our beautiful model, Valentina, who goes very, very short, at her classy salon, in Madrid.
Additional info: It’s completely delightful, it is amazing to watch this high professional working, on such an ideal model. This is a wonderful work that you enjoy from the shampooing to the final dusting, in an immersive experience where you can feel as if you were there. Dusting included