Cris gets faded to get her dreamed job! Outstanding video!!

Cris must obey the corporative protocol and cut her hair very short to comply. She gets a microbob, a bowl, and an amazing high shaved skin faded pixie, exposing her beautiful nape and sides. Now she’s totally ready!


We’re pleased to introduce you to Cris, she’s a very talented and gorgeous young lady who applied for a job position as an Executive Representative. She’s very professional and highly qualified, but there’s just one more thing: She has to cut her hair very short to represent the corporative image style of the company. As long as she’s a true professional, she goes through the process with ease and a great attitude! As many of you have requested, in this video, we take our time so you can enjoy completely each one of the different stages of the makeover. starting with a first cut to a bob with bangs, going to a microbob with high shaved nape, and then to a high faded bowl that shows her beautiful exposed nape. And after that, a very stylish skin faded pixie makes her look even better!

Technical Specifications
  • Quality: 1920×1080 HD
  • Length: 01:33:33
  • Size: 1.86 GB
  • Type: From long to bob with bangs, then to microbob with shaved nape, after that, a bowl with high shaved nape, and finishing with a stylish very short pixie with skin shaved undercut
  • Camera: Dynamic Following
  • Models: Cris
  • Location: Academia de Peluquería Eva Pavón, Madrid, Spain
  • Production: European
  • Hair: Long light brown hair
  • Content: This video includes a lot of great material, documenting 3 very well-defined haircuts, a wonderful piece that you need in your collection, as long as you will enjoy plenty of amazing clippers action, exposing gradually a fantastic and elegant new Cris! You’re gonna love it! Shampoo, blow dryer, and dusting included

Some dialogs and audio portions have been removed and or modified to comply with the European Privacy Policy. This doesn’t affect the overall watching experience.

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