3×1 Great Makeovers!! Laura, Emily and Irma sit on the chair!

Laura, Winnie, Emily and Irma

This weekend we brought you a selection of 3 wonderful makeovers for an even better price!


Laura, Winnie, Emily and Irma
First, we have our dear Laura, who needs a reshave, so you can watch how she gets her classic pixie cut. On the second episode, we have the beautiful Emily, a professional model, who gets a short bob with a buzzed undercut, all around. And then, we have Irma, who wants to join our team. She have great technical skills, but you know that in order to work with us, she must go Short…And Chic. You will enjoy this great makeovers, even more considering it’s great length, and tons of clippers action for a very good price!


Technical specifications

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Length: 50:39; 23:10; 53:19
Type: Short classic pixie, Short bob with buzzed undercut, High shaved pixie
Camera: Dynamic Following
Models: Laura, Winnie, Emily and Irma
Location: Maekba Hair Salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Blonde, Black plain hair, and Yellow brown dyed
Content: 3 beautiful models go to the chair and get very short haircuts. Lots of clippers action and great shaved napes
Additional info: These 3 ladies show us how good short hair can suit any woman, despite their age, facial features or hair type, there’s a short haircut that suits everyone! Dusting included.

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