3×1 Esther’s haircuts. Shorter, please!

Esther is a 24 years old cutie. She wanted to wear short hair, but she can’t get enough! And at every stage, she just kept asking to go shorter, please!


One of our best videos. Esther is studying to become a certified nurse, and she has to always wear her hair tied very tight, so she wants to be more professional and decided to wear short hair. What she didn’t know was that she was going to enjoy it that much! Paula Steel join us in this wonderful video, to encourage and assist Esther. Esther behaves almost like a cadet, she’s very professional, but also likes to have fun, and she gets along very well with Paula, who loves to dust Esther’s nape. Esther has long hair, below shoulder-length.  First, she gets a short bob, mid-ear, with a very short clippered nape. Then she gets a bowl cut with faded nape and sides. But she wanted to go even shorter, so she ends up with a very short faded pixie, with shaved nape, and she looks absolutely beautiful, like the modern and brave young girl she is!

Technical Specifications:

Quality: 1920×1080 HD
Lenght: 01:27:25
Type: Long to short bob with clippered nape, bob to faded Bowl, and then to Faded very short  shaved pixie
Camera: Fix and dynamic following action.
Model: Esther, with the collaboration of Paula Steel
Location: Maeba Hair salon, Barcelona
Production: European
Hair: Black hair
Content:  A magnificent 3 X 1.  Enjoy this haircut story watching Esther going shorter and shorter. Lots of clippers action, shaving, and the interactions between these girls are amazing, they really like baby powder, you will enjoy watching two clippered girls having fun at the hair salon!

Additional Info: An hour and a half of awesome content, great shots and angles, an epic makeover that goes very fast because of the non-stop action, and the great chemistry of their relationship. Dusting included.

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