Margot’s first Microbob Experience

Margot is a beautiful high school teacher who never wore a short haircut before, and never felt the clippers on her nape. We changed that by giving her a high shaved Microbob!

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This long edition shows different angles and new footage that has never been shown before. We go with Scarlett through her journey of self-discovery, by going from a regular shoulder-length red hair, to a short bob with clippered nape, and then, she decides to go all the way for a very short fade pixie with shaved sides and nape, and she looks gorgeous! In this special edition, you will have more length, a deeper immersive experience, with angles, sides, and shoots that weren’t released before, getting a full experience of this wonderful makeover.  What will her posh family have to say when they see her with such a shaved nape? It doesn’t matter, because she’s absolutely happy with it!!

Technical Specifications:

Quality: 872 × 480
Length: 1 hour and 33 minutes.
Type: Shoulder length to short Bob, and then, to faded pixie with straight razor shaved sides and nape
Camera: Dynamic action following and side still camera
Model: Scarlett
Barber/Stylist: Female
Location: Eva Pavón hairdressing academy, Madrid, Spain
Production: European
Hair: Red hair
Content: Shoulder length to Short bob, and then to faded pixie, with shaved sides and nape
Subtitles: English
Additional info: A posh girl looking for a new style for her rebel new her, she’s a bit nervous at the beginning, but soon she gets confidence and goes all the way to a faded pixie!
Dusting included